this past week has been a ‘remind me why i am a procrastinator’ kinda week.
a ‘give me money, oh the passport, where’s my suitcase’ kinda week.
a ‘read the entirety of david lebovitz’s blog‘ kinda week.
a ‘casually getting ready to spent 8 whole freaking days in paris‘ kinda week…………..

because that’s it.
i’ve been screaming internally about this for months and my mind is so full of words of pure happiness that this post will probably be the most unsatisfactory in my entire life because how can i possibly express all the joy?!?!?!
(perhaps by focusing on my luggage tag à la warhol instead of everything else.)

Schermata 2015-07-07 alle 15.13.55

this trip means so much. 

and now, you could ask me a lot of things.
for example:
am i nervous about leaving my vanilla extract in the home-making alone for a whole week?!?!?!?!
yes no. (but my baby………..)
am i sick of wearing fugly clothes because who the hell would want to dirty up the paris chosen ones!
am i tired of hand washing said clothes because i decide i must carry them with me at all costs?
double yes.
but do i want to leave?
triple, quadruple, endless yes.

this trip means so much x1000.

of course i’m bringing along my sexiest camera — i won’t take good pics because i’m not able to — but i’ll recount every single thing.
(day-by-day on instagram for sure.)

now let me get back to the ‘get ready’ manœuvers, which include painting my toenails, dyeing my hair again, keeping hydrated by drinking water out of butterbeer mugs and trying not to give in to happiness-fueled panic…
while i try to lose some valuable time by making dumb pic collages with my phone.

joe the alpaca, after helping me w/ my suitcase, will guard my belongings till i get back.
(say hi to joe! he’s the nicest.)

Schermata 2015-07-07 alle 15.14.13

à la prochaine fois!!!


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