‘i bake, you shoot!’ vol. 1: MACARONS XXL!!!

hey everyone!!! 
so… i know i haven’t posted anything in a whole month. so shame on me no-o-w.
and i know. i know i’ve been a total sap with everything regarding ‘the super fun project’ i was working on but.

so, without further ado…
watch my awkwardly long fingers as they make macarons as big as teacups because i have zero sense of proportions!!!!!!!!!!!
cliiiick on the “continue reading”!

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things i learned this week, #2.

whippity whoop!
life has been amazing these past few weeks – amazingly busy.
i got my hair cut again – shorterrr! …i might not be able to stop send help -, school is getting closer and closer to an end, the great gatsby is on on tv right now, i got about a billion posts that need just the tiniest bit of editing to be ready and it makes me so angry… what else?!?

uh. of course. useful things for the people. you’re welcome.
here’s what i learned this time.

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not dead.

hey hey hey

i know i haven’t posted anything in like a month or so, but…
i’m still here, i swear—

i’m just too busy rewatching high school musical singing along to every song i still remember by heart and shaving my friends’ head a liiiiittle bit too much.
but i’m still here aaannnd working on something! super special!!!
so not dead at all.



sleep is for the weak.

oh man.
i don’t know why but i woke up at 6 am today and i can’t seem to be able to sleep anymore. 
on a sunday?!? strange enough.
but sometimes my brain does things like this one, and i gotta keep loving it anyways because it’s the only one i have. :)))

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(as i’m writing this post, i’m sitting on the couch between my two best witches, drinking iced coffee, about to watch harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2. what is life.)

woooh! another one’s over!
easter = a lot of things.
on this one, i:

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the “inner” cut.

“long” hair, it was fun.
we had a great time, honestly.
i will never forget our classy chignons, our fishtail braids, our loose curls… and maybe, some nights, in bed after a long day, i’ll even miss you.
but, you know, sometimes things aren’t meant to be.

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