hi there wonderful reader!

you might have asked yourself who actually is the dumb brain who rambles about things here.

well… nice to meet you! i’m a 17 18 year old dork with a fondness for stuffed animals, a fierce passion for musical theatre and a sweet liking for chemistry.
i also have a strong love for food – weaknesses are cinnamon, avocados, salted caramel and all sorts of veggies please.

other things that make me happy, in random order, are:

– feeding my super special friends, especially when they get hungry at 3 am.
– warm cozy sweaters!
– reading books! lots of books!! lots of good books!!!
– smiling with my teeth out
– singing at the top of my lungs – sorry, neighbours
– when my handwriting decides to come out pretty for a day
– cuddles. because cuddles.

i’m that one friend that plans all the trips, bakes all the birthday cakes, and chimes in at inappropriate moments in conversations with inappropriate words.

what else then… uh! i like you! very much!
a lot, in fact. i hope you enjoy reading my stuff as much as that. :)

– x c.

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