a little party never killed nobody.

okay, so i have already stated that my purpose in life is to inspire people,  not to tell people what to do with their lives…
well, today i’m gonna joke just a little bit and tell people that they must have a party this summer.
a real deal party.
doesn’t matter if you’re alone or celebrating w/ 100+ other souls, if you’re in a 2 square ft room or  in a super fancy big location.
just find an excuse to celebrate, if “yeah i realized life is lovable” doesn’t suffice; then proceed to cook whatever amount and/or kind of food you want, get  your music playlist ready, dress your body in clothes that make you feel happy and your house in appropriately themed decorations…
and get that f*ckin’ party started!!!!!!!!!

like we did.
our reason to celebrate? the bae finally turned 18!!!!!!! (in italy it stands for ‘legally 21’.)

so we did things properly… about 38492 weeks ago but – life got in the way before i could brag about how cool the great-gatsby-inspired party we were going to have, well, actually was.

previous research on pinterest had highlighted how roaring twenties are supposed to be black, gold, 80% glitter and 20% sparkles. so we consequently spent three weeks covering empty wine&beer bottles in glitter and crafting fake wooden boxes to ~create the feeling~.
(to this day, i still find glitter particles in my hair & personal belongings.)
we got our 20s playlists ready… we made a great-gatsby-worthy pyramid from cheap plastic champagne glasses… we lit up every corner by hanging xmas lights – maybe dragging down some curtains in the process but – …

Schermata 2015-07-01 alle 21.05.02

then we proceeded to get tipsy on pure happiness (yeah no one will believe that, fine) by 9 PM and jumped in the pool for a well deserved bath – splash fight really.
the rest of the evening slipped by between mini private acoustic live concerts (fancy way of saying my friend & I had way too fun in scape of other people’s ears); teaching american people how to properly swear in italian because of course that’s what you do when one of the guests brings his american friend which is also casually amazing at doing the worm on garden grass that will give him rashes for a week; realizing that running is a very bad idea overall because tripping and turning over couches is basically guaranteed?!; beatboxing, dancing and rapping with sunglasses – indoors; and going up and down the stairs with a wonderful staircase helper that made us slip even more into the laziness that fully unleashed itself the day after.

(stories tell that this is what happens if you lit sparklers inside a beer bottle.

day we promptly spent stranded on the couch drinking from bottles on the ground with 4 ft straws and petting the dog as big as a cow (next into the woods character maybe???) we became friends with during the night.
(the night when random hoodies were found and when people fell asleep everywhere and nowhere at the same time.)
but, just saying, my breakfast consisted of leftover nutella cake + salted caramel popcorn + oreo crumbs + sangria fruit, y’know because i’m healthy.

the after party sadness got washed away, literally, by the rain, as the few that were still over toasted with champagne to the greatness that was this freaking party — most poetic conclusion ever.
to many many many more happy gatherings. all themed.

well, advices from me to you?
1. buy as many sparklers as you can. they’re magical and overwhelm my soul.
2. make lots x1000 of food. food you can eat with your hands and food you don’t forget in your freezer because you made it a week in advance. (savoury muffins anyone? i don’t know how but i found about 50 in my refrigerator……….)
3. don’t stress over things that, you will realize it, are completely, utterly trivial.

now go have your party because everyone deserves a little bit of it. shhhhh.


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