on a plane again: two points.

hey there friends!

i’m on a plane again – surprise – and i’m having the best of times.
(i hope you are too.)
i’m sitting next to someone who has been sleeping straight for the past six hours and a little girl smiled at me with her front teeth missing and i got to tell her that she’ll be a princess when she grows up. i vicariously re-watched zootopia for the 3rd time through my other neighbour’s screen. i stuffed my face with chocolate bars (probiotic chocolate bars, to be exact. delta what are you even?!). i’m halfway through Victor Frankenstein (the movie) because James McAvoy + Daniel Radcliffe could not be missed and, even though i expected it to be total rubbish, in the first 5 minutes i felt like crying and then like cringing and then like crying again.
and oh! i got to taste ginger ale for the first time (fyi: i do not like it, abort mission). i’m on a plane all by myself for the first time.
(doing things for the first time makes me giggly enough to make it all worth it.)
and these are just the firsts of first times…

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203492 unusual things to pack, or a little less.

good good, very good.
right now i’m on a plane, because what kind of wannabe-internet-rambler am i if i haven’t written a post on a giant steel machine?!, flying over the tiny upper corner of france, about to go over the blue monstrous sea that i believe is called ocean, headed to new york city.

i’m bringing with me an unexpectedly chill attitude after the whole delta server shutdown bananas thing and subsequent three-hour-delay (that, let’s be honest, i spent mostly eating chips and reading – hence the chill attitude), a bag of insane outta-this-world oatmeal cookies i very wisely made last night and a huge green suitcase filled with bits of my life.

i expect to bring back a wide-gaping mouth and an empty ziplock.

that suitcase, though, i will leave in new york, in the custody of one of my mom’s amazing ex-students who will keep it safe for two weeks, (i’m trusting you on this, k!), until september 1st, when i will officially move.

for two weeks, that chunk of my life will be sort of suspended. suspended in new york! waiting for me!!!!!!!

how strange is it to have your life ahead of you? 

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mixed media art.


i am 18!!!!!!
i know it’s been ages but LIFE HAPPENED. i don’t wanna talk about apologies, buuut…
in this so-called life i am a now a so-called adult.
/error 404: adulting not found/

but on my last shower as a 17 yr old i’ve been struck by some thoughts.
so now prepare for some sappy, mushy stuff because that’s what the doctor ordered today.

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whippity whoop again, people!

as i’m writing, i just spent the laziest, dreamiest sunday ever, ending up in proper cat snuggles with my lady…….. but, if i know my humble self, i bet you’re reading this several days later, mid-week, and hating me for reminding you that things such as the ~SUNDAY SUNDAZEH~ exist in the world.
hang on, my friend, JUST HANG ON.

anyways, it has been some time, huh? → → →

what the heck: world problems #1.

okay, so.
lately a few things have pointed to the same direction.
the fact that i’ve been shamelessly binge watching shameless and the whole ian gallagher thing i’ve seen enough spoilers about, a conversation with my dad, random life occurrences…
everything made me realize how much mental illnesses are misunderstood.

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(50) things i learned this week, in PARIS. #3

!!! warning: super long writing post ahead !!!

okay peeps.
this week, as you might know, has been a hecka full week…………
so you might imagine how many things i learned. i went even further: I WROTE THEM DOWN.
all for your entertainment.
and i divided them into paris stuff, travel stuff and life stuff.
so you can decide what field you’re interested in and skip things that are booooring.
because that’s what life is about.

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tales from paris.

HI THERE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feels good to be back. 
…um, no, not really.
quote needed though.

so you wanna hear everything about my trip to paris, i know i know.
that’s why i’m bothering to make a long ass post to tell you all………….
but if you want the useful stuff, i made a list of 50 things i learned in paris that you should know too!!!!!! click here to read it :):):)

if you really care about what i did () well then…

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a little party never killed nobody.

okay, so i have already stated that my purpose in life is to inspire people,  not to tell people what to do with their lives…
well, today i’m gonna joke just a little bit and tell people that they must have a party this summer.
a real deal party.
doesn’t matter if you’re alone or celebrating w/ 100+ other souls, if you’re in a 2 square ft room or  in a super fancy big location.
just find an excuse to celebrate, if “yeah i realized life is lovable” doesn’t suffice; then proceed to cook whatever amount and/or kind of food you want, get  your music playlist ready, dress your body in clothes that make you feel happy and your house in appropriately themed decorations…
and get that f*ckin’ party started!!!!!!!!!

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